Chicken Breeder Feed Prices South Africa
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Chicken Breeder Feed Prices South Africa

Global poultry has been operating for 22 good years now, created since 1988. Below is the detailed prices of the breeder feeds in South Africa

Breeder Pre-StarterGPP 5890 – 1310
Breeder StarterGPP 5882 – 5290
Breeder GrowerGPP 5876 – 16265
Breeder Pre-BreederGPP 58417 – 22230
Breeder Phase 1GPP 58223 – 39208
Breeder Phase 2GPP 2258340 – Cull185
Database Global Poultry Produce (Pty) LTD – 2001-2020

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  1. Anadia Mbali

    These prices are awesome. Just made an order of 40 bags for my poultry and delivery details have been sent to me already, with tracking number. I know I’ll make plenty of profits.

    1. admin

      I know you are making the profits already Anadia despite the covid-19 epidermic. Heal the world Anadia and let us enjoy the fruits of your labor too. Don’t forget to bring our own share on your next visit.

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